3 Reasons to Consider Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting

Several years ago Harvard scientists noticed that children who ate Popsicles sometimes developed dimples. Further investigation showed that the cold from the treats was killing fat cells under the skin, resulting in the slight indentations. Eventually the principle was used to develop CoolSculpting, a procedure that destroys fat cells in the body. Since its introduction, fat reduction with CoolSculpting has become very popular because it is effective, fast, and permanent.

Freezing Safely Eliminates Fat Cells

Millions of men and women have visited clinicians’ office to have the freezing procedure. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that requires no anesthesia. Treatments are based on the science of cryolipolysis, or the ability to destroy fat cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissues. Procedures are FDA approved and very safe. They are also highly targeted. A specialized device is used to crystallize fat cells, which kills them. Over a period of time, the body processes and then eliminates the cells.

Treatment Is Simple and Effective

Fat freezing has become popular among those who want a quick, non-invasive way to remove bulges from their bellies, flatten abdomens, slim the arms, and even remove double chins. Doctors examine each patient and ensure they are a candidate. Those who qualify can then schedule the simple procedures. Providers tailor treatments to clients’ body types and needs. Clinicians use a variety of devices to achieve their goals. Individual procedures last less than 60 minutes and the number of treatments varies depending on clients’ goals. Since there is no surgery, they have no downtime.

Results Are Long Lasting

Clients who are at healthy weights often choose to have fat cells frozen. Freezing completely eliminates fat cells while weight loss simply shrinks them. If a client whose fat cells have been destroyed gains weight, fat will tend to accumulate in untreated areas of the body. However, most are motivated by their sleek new looks and want to maintain them. With that in mind, providers work with them. They outline healthy choices that support clients’ goals and help prevent excess weight gain.

Millions of people have been able to get rid of unsightly body fat after undergoing treatments that freeze and then destroy fat cells. The procedures are quick, non-invasive, and do not require surgery.

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