A Company Launched by Jim Plante is Putting Genetic Testing to Excellent Use

The roles played by many of the tens of thousands of genes that express themselves in particular people are rapidly becoming more clearly understood. Scientists, in fact, have established exactly how quite a few of these impact the body in ways that are fundamental to human health.

A company founded by Jim Plante named Pathway Genomics has become a pioneer at putting these insights into practice. Tests offered by Pathway Genomics and ordered by physicians can use genetic information to inform a variety of types of treatment.

Genetically Informed Medical Care Benefits Patients

In the vast majority of cases today, people with health problems receive care that is not especially well tailored to their unique needs and details. It has long since become apparent that one-size-fits-all healthcare approaches are never optimal, as patients vary widely with regard to many inevitably relevant factors.

One reason why doctors have been stuck in this undesirable rut for so long is a simple lack of information. Even in cases where it has become clearest that treatments should best be adjusted to account for the biological distinctions between patients, physicians have mostly lacked the tools needed to pin down the facts.

Genetic tests are now being used to finally overcome this longstanding hurdle. Tests offered by Pathway Genomics can be used to figure out the genetic factors that are most relevant to issues like:

  • Dietary needs. Every person’s body digests food and absorbs the nutrients it contains in different ways. Tests that home in on the genetic variations which produce such distinctions can help physicians design better diets for their patients.
  • Carrier status. Susceptibility to many diseases rises significantly in those with particular genetic markers. Testing a patient for an inclination toward a particular condition can make it much easier to anticipate its onset and manage its progression.

More Information Often Makes All the Difference

With genetic tests also now being used to produce insights regarding how patients metabolize particular medications and many similarly important issues, the value of this type of work has long since become clear. More and more often in the future, most experts expect, genetic tests will be used to deliver more effective care to patients.

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