Comparing Dental History And The Services Of Today

The history of dentistry details techniques that are still used today. Changes in the techniques improved the way dental professionals treat their patients. Common services performed by dental professionals involve teeth restoration and replacement. Comparing dental history and the services of today offers deeper insight into how dentistry has improved.

Managing the Aesthetics of the Smile

In the 1970s, dental professionals started to use CAD in dentistry. The engineering software is used most often for renovating homes and managing logistic strategies in construction. However, dentists learned that the software is beneficial in creating 3D models of the patient’s teeth. It is a practice that is still used today when scanning the teeth and making decisions about aesthetics.

The 3D Modeling of Teeth

Dental professionals offer 3D modeling practices to determine which devices are more aesthetically pleasing. Patients review the images when choosing restorative measures and elective procedures. The images show a projected view of the finished product.

The Golden Crown

Samuel G. Supplee produced the technique used today to create dental crowns. Originally, the process involved the use of gold teeth which prove quite costly. The technician is also responsible for designing the first bridgework and lingual bars. He also determined that open mouth impressions of the teeth make it easier to create the appliances used to replace missing teeth.

His techniques were more advanced and less archaic than the Etruscans of 800 BC who created removable bridges. The Etruscans used anvils to produce the bridges made of wires.

Odd Ways of Supplying Replacement Teeth

In the 1700 and 1800s, replacement teeth weren’t created from models and porcelain. The teeth were removed from soldiers who died in battle. Luckily, technological advancements have shown dentists with better ways of replacing teeth. Modern dental implants aren’t created from natural teeth. The implant crowns are produced with porcelain and strong resins.

Dental history reveals the start of popular procedures that improve the smile. A review of history shows how the techniques began and how they were perfected through technological advancements. The services include dental crowns, 3D modeling, and dental implants. Patients or dental professionals who want to learn more can check this out right now.

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